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WTF 12: How to Pitch an Influencer to Gain Exposure

Episode Summary

Pitching influencers is both an art and a science. Learn from influencer and media connector Josh Elledge on the do's and don't when trying to pitch media influencers!

Episode Notes

In this episode we talk to Josh Elledge, influencer and media connector, founder of Upmyinfluence.com.

Josh has been featured in the media more than 2,000 times and now turns entrepreneurs like you into media celebrities!

In this episode Josh shares his top secrets to getting noticed by media influencers and pitching them so that they ACTUALLY REPLY to you!

Hint: The process starts way before you actually pitch them!

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11 years ago Josh embarked on a one-man quest to stop spending so much freaking money on groceries and so transformed himself into America’s coupon-crusading “Savings Angel.”

With a little bit of his own PR fairy dust (thanks to my U.S. Navy journalist experience), he became an influencer with his digital consumer advocacy & lifestyle brand, SavingsAngel.com - which has grossed more than $6 million in sales with less than $500 spent in advertising. Yes, he literally dropped more $$ on toner for the office printer!

Today he's a:

· Well-known influencer & mentor in the Startup PR space
· Syndicated newspaper columnist with a reach of over 1.1 million readers
· Sought-after keynote & workshop speaker
· Media guest clocking over 2000 TV, radio, and podcast appearances.

As the founder of UpMyInfluence, he turns entrepreneurs into influencers, thought leaders and authority experts so they can achieve:

· More sales & revenue
· Industry Respect
· Bigger speaking fees
· Profitable partnerships with influencers.

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UpMyInfluence.com is a platform that provides step-by-step done-with-you tools, online coaching, and PR hacks for entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their sales all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR services. We always start with an intensive: https://UpMyInfluence.com/bvi

Contact Josh:
🌐 UpMyInfluence.com | SavingsAngel.com
📞 (321) 209-5999
📩 JoshElledge@UpMyInfluence.com